Blast Freezer Calibration Services

Blast Freezers is generally used for frosting bulkier products where spiral or tunnels cannot be used. This is an isolated room contains large cooling quantity and allows spare airflow in holding store which achieve rapid cooling and freezing. Blast freezer equipment are built in principle to use above 0 °C temperature.

A Blast Freezer Gas is a specialized freezer used to preserve food from bacterial contamination at moderate temperature. These blast freezer specifications preserves the product safe for future utilization. Blast Freezer Industrial equipment calibration can shorten Blast freezer temperature of the product between +70°C and 18°C for limited hours. Depending upon a blast freezer purpose they are designed with various modes, such as saving, automatic defrost, and noise degradation. Blast freezer liquid nitrogen calibration is calculating the amount of liquid nitrogen used for defrost. Data will provide a standard to measure LIN. The main objective is the active freeze times.

Industrial blast freezer have necessary quality to result in better performance. High output scale is not considered as problem, since the space demand to evaporators have opt fan motors. So the section is optimal to infuse within a current efficiency. The reason for active freeze time is product efficiency, which is the least necessary in industrial blast freezer equipment calibration.


Commercial blast freezer Equipment calibration is to preserve food products either cooked or fresh. In refrigerators, food get defrost but the inner water get crystallize in larger size and get breach the food cells when it melts. Whereas the function of blast freezer is to boost active freezing. Blast freezer layout are apparelled with blowers to allow chilled air over the products to result rapid defrost. Bulk hot food are not allowed to chill, as it increase blast freezer temperature. There are various blast freezer types for chilling modes. Under HAACP regulations, Commercial Blast Freezer provide rapid cooling over the threat zone to keep out of collapsing the safety needs. Commercial Blast Freezer equipment calibration is the technique of forwarding cold air at high velocity over thee product to result in rapid freezing. Since these appliances expensive and consume high energy, they are not used for domestic uses and meant only for commercial equipment calibration.