Bain Marie Calibration Service

Most temperature measuring appliance are calibrated by Bain Marie Calibration. For food preparation and preservation, an essential component of all aspects will be the Precision temperature calibration. A wide range of temperature measuring devices have been developed to suit every application to achieve the accuracy. They include a variety of bi-metallic mechanical temperature measuring devices. These instruments built in condition for daily use yet they are fragile and should be handled carefully. Even with typical wear and tear they will become inaccurate and need re-calibration.

Bain Marie used in catering equipment calibration to heat materials to moderate temperature and to keep materials warm to certain duration. Generally Gas Bain Marie is the best vendor for Restaurant Equipment Calibration.

Commercial kitchen equipment calibration is high-price. So it is well maintained to save from utility costs and replacement cost. Gas Bain Marie provide accurate heat cycle setting to enable high quality to the clients. Buffet Bain Marie market by Residential Equipment Application.

Electric Bain Marie equipped with external heating system for extended component life. It is a perfect portable appliance for mobile solutions.

Bain Marie temperature calibration process are as follows:

  • Cleanse the Temperature equipment items and then check to ensure that they are not damaged.
  • These equipment’s efficiency are then examined over the range of use as the manufacturer’s requirements precise stated or with the accordance of the characteristic Standard ITS-90.
  • In order to verify that temperature equipment is measuring within the requirements or any adjustment needed is recorded since the Bain Marie uses graded state-of-the-art master equipment.
  • The calibration report of the Temperature calibrated equipment recorded to the clients in regular basis.

Reliable temperature calibration is necessary  for food preparation facilities, hospitals, child care centers and can be done using Bain Marie. It is designed to be used with either food rethermalizer or to heat or to hold food at protected temperatures between 140°F-190°F (60°C-88°C). In Bain Marie, the built-in guard is the cut-off characteristics over the temperature. Adjustable thermostat controls supports the desired holding temperature. Heating compartment drains and a separate sump includes for cleaning and sanitizing.