Owing to working with the complete Electrical Engineering sector since the establishment, together with the oil & gas industry, commercial building, infra structure developers, CareLabs has maintained discipline, in quality standards, customer management, process management, just in time delivery system and started to gain an important place in the market.

Within the frame of world standards, one of our main target is to lead to new ideas and meet the requirements of sector also being professional consultant by taking advantage of newer  technologies. CareLabs establishes itself by abiding with principles and improve ourselves continuously by taking into account our environmental responsibilities.


Carelabs providing electrical testing, calibration services, inspection services and testing equipment for electrical projects. Process control instruments, electrical & linear instruments, calibration & certification, installation, pressure calibration , temperature calibration, dimension calibration, mass calibration, power quality, thermography test, cable & wire fault, UPS/battery  testing services.

Our services cater to major clients which includes utility generation, transmission and distribution substations, district cooling plants, sewage treatment plants, data centers, pumping stations, malls and commercial buildings, super/hyper markets and infrastructure developers.

CareLabs consistently has field crews deployed in various locations so whether your need is routine or emergency; our specialists are always nearby. This expertise and exposure, efficient access to comprehensive historical data, and highly trained field and office technical staffs, allow for the most complete and cost effective project management solutions.

CareLabs has been a part of various prestigious projects in the globe. In a very short span of time, CareLabs has been established as an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and has acquired a reputed client base with excellent feedback from the clients.

Our subsidiaries and global associates have expertise in management systems, product testing, electrical safety, medical device certification, and explosion & process safety. CareLabs believes in conducting business with highest ethical standards by providing quality services with commitment, building knowledge, transforming ideas by respecting our clients and customers values and principles. We are ductile to your requirement and can work on more than one type of contract simultaneously. Our major service areas are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Middle East & Africa.