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Electrical Safety Audit in the USA

Care Labs provides electrical installations study, analysis, inspection, and certification services and offers electrical safety audit services.

At Care Labs, our team of qualified and experienced professionals carries out comprehensive and thorough electrical safety audit service for all sort of electric installations.

Our professional technicians will inspect & audit all compliance areas in adhering to the relevant NFPA and OSHA safety standards.

Electrical safety in an organisation:

Safety in the workplace is the number one priority for employers and employees alike. It is especially essential for those who install and service electrical systems.

Electricity is safe to use but could become dangerous in careless hands. It may cause fire, damage, and fatal or non-fatal accidents to personnel unless appropriate precautions are taken.

These dangerous effects of electricity can be avoided by regular electrical safety audit, using good quality equipment, proper wiring, installation, efficient maintenance as well as upkeep of protective devices.

In large industries of power systems or other electrical installations, it is not always feasible for the engineers & supervisors to explain at length and as often as necessary, all aspects of safety precautions to every employee nor to train them against all possible hazards within a short span of period.

Why is Electrical Safety so Important?

Electrical hazards have always been recognized, yet serious injuries, fatalities, and damage to the properties. The US Department of Labour and the National Safety Council compile statistics and facts regularly.

The following facts demonstrate the importance of electrical safety.

  • 97% of all electrical workers have been shocked/ injured on the job.
  • Over 3600 disabling electrical injuries occur annually.
  • Over 1000 electrical workers die from workplace accidents each year.
  • NFPA, USA studies reveal that electricity to be the ignition source for 22% of total fire accidents.
  • Medical costs per person can exceed up to $4 million for severe burns

(Source: Industry surveys, NFPA, The National Safety Council, Bureau of Labour Statistics, etc.,) 

Note: Care Labs offers electrical safety inspection service for multiple MNC’s around the globe.

Electrical Safety Audit:

Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) assists in identifying loopholes, non-conformality, deficiencies in the electrical system, recommends ways and means to ensure safety.

Identified potential electrical hazards during the audit, when eliminated or reduced would ensure human and plant safety of human and plant equipment and building. A well-conducted energy audit of electrical system will assist management in formulating an emergency preparedness plan.

Benefits of Electrical Safety Audit:

Maintain Compliance Keep electrical safety programs up-to-date by conducting ongoing audits to verify compliance with the NFPA 70E standard
Mitigate Risks   Visibility to issues or problems can reduce the potential for injury.  
Minimize Failures   Unexpected outages can be minimized ensuring continuous power supply to the end-user.  
Increased levels of safety  
Efficient use of systems and resources  
Hazard free work environment  

Care Labs helps your company to establish a practical, safe working area for employees who are exposed to electrical hazards that exist in the electrical systems.

Our safety experts work to:

  1. Understand your individual workplace
  2. Pre-audit and coordination meeting
  3. Pre-audit questionnaire
  4. Review the existing electrical preventive maintenance program
  5. Integrate and consult your team in developing an improved safety program
  6. Review of the test records
  7. Evaluating the test results
  8. Suggest recommendations
  9. Preparing the draft report
  10. Management briefing
  11. Final audit report submission 

Electrical safety audit is an effective procedure for identifying the areas of risks or vulnerability, hazards, and potential accidents in plants for determining necessary action to minimize hazards and ensure that the whole safety effort is effective and meaningful. Power quality analysis helps in reducing the downtime and increase overall productivity of business unit.

Care Labs offer electrical audit services to different industries including manufacturers, retailers, plants, traders, governments and different other buyers & sellers of services or products in the world’s markets.

We offer our services in California, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, and all the major states and cities in the United States of America.

Contact us today to get an electrical auidt.

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