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Power System and Analysis in the USA

All sorts of facilities-hospitals, corporate buildings, schools, and industries or commercial facilities, rely on reliable, and well-maintained electrical systems.

Even minor electrical interruptions or faults can have devastating effects such as extensive and expensive downtime of industry operations, damage of equipment due to a power outage, as well as the expense of repairing the electrical equipment.

There are numerous reasons within a power system, where the fault could occur. To increase your electrical system’s reliability, protect your equipment, and ensure personnel safety it’s necessary and optimal to have an electrical power system study & analysis by a qualified professional.

Carelabs is providing electrical installation study, testing, calibration, inspection, and certification services and offering professional power system study & analysis services.

The results of its focus are on cost reduction, increasing efficiency, reliability, and system maintainability improvement.

What is a power system study?

Electrical power systems analysis contains, a group of studies to analyze the response of power systems to various events over different time periods- Static, dynamic, and transient.

The power system study provides you the necessary information to upgrade and maintain your power distribution. The goal of the study is to have an efficient and reliable power system under both normal and abnormal conditions.

The goals of power system analysis are:

  • To model and to execute per phase analysis of power system components
  • To monitor the voltage at different feeders, real and reactive power flow
  • To plan the future expansion of the system
  • To analyze the system under different fault Scenarios
  • To design the Protective devices, as well as to explore the ability of the system to handle small and large disturbances.

Why do you need power system analysis?

A power systems study & analysis includes various engineering analysis. The benefits of this study & analysis as follows:

  • Increases operating reliability
  • Increased equipment protection
  • Increased personnel safety
  • Reduced electricity bill
  • Identify under-utilized equipment
  • Aid in future expansion
  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Evaluates impact of adding new equipment
  • Identify source of failures

Carelabs providing a wide range of study and analysis for your power system needs in accordance with NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584, and OSHA 1910.269. We are an authorized ETAP service provider and using this powerful power system transient analysis software tool to perform system study & analysis.


Carelabs Power System Study & Analysis Services:

Our system studies focus on how to optimize the system performance and improving the security of the supply. Power system studies offering includes:

  • Load Flow and Power Factor
  • Short Circuit
  • Transient Stability
  • Power quality
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Dynamic Motor Starting
  • Protective Device coordination
  • Earthing study
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Power System Analysis Process

  • Data Collection

Complete and accurate data of the system to be analyzed is needed for system studies. Collection of data and calculations are done in compliance with the recommended practices set by standards such as IEEE 399,141 and 242.

  • Modelling the power system using ETAP

Execute the data collected on ETAP software to develop understanding of power system network.

  • Load flow analysis

Load flow study is important for exploring problems in power system operation and planning. It is used to find how your power system will function in both normal and emergency conditions. It will reduce your electric bill, aid in current operations and future planning, identifies overloaded equipment as well as under-utilized.

  • Short Circuit Studies

It is used to determine whether the interrupting capacities of the components are adequate enough to protect your electrical system.

  • Arc flash studies

It is performed to find the available arcing currents and arc flash hazards. It increases system reliability, ensure personnel safety and avoid up to $500,000 fine from OSHA for violations of arc flash regulations.

  • Stability Studies
  • Study & analysis document review
  • Briefing to the management
  • Submitting draft report
  • Submitting final report

Upon completion of the calculations and analysis, we will provide you a draft report for your review, during which your team can evaluate it.

On receiving approval, we will provide you a final report, which contains introduction, executive summary, overall single line diagram, observations and recommendations. The report will be attested by our registered professional.

Carelabs offer power system study and analysis service to various industries including plants, retailers, traders, manufacturers, national and state governments, NGOs, and various other buyers & sellers in the global markets.

We offer our services in New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and all the major states and cities in the United States of America.

Protect your facility, personnel, equipment and business operations by availing our services. Please contact us to learn more about our power system study and analysis service.

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