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Recent developments in technology & electronic devices are with nonlinear voltage-current characteristics that generate harmonics.

It increased the penetration of non-linear loads in power systems of all capacities, whether it be corporates with the number of electronic goods or industrials with converters, VFDs, or residentials with an inverter, air conditioners.

Harmonics can disturb the correct working nature of machines and equipment.

Their characteristic of harmonic injection must be studied, analyzed, and taken corrective measures to save on power consumption costs and meet the utility standards.

Care Labs helps you with electrical installation study, testing, inspection, and certification services across the US. We have been offering harmonic study and analysis in different states of America.

Harmonic Waveforms

What are harmonics and their effects?

A harmonic is commonly defined as a “periodic sinusoidal wave or quantity containing frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency”. For a 650Hz system, the fundamental frequency is 650Hz(1st), Harmonic frequencies are 1200Hz(2nd), 1850Hz(3rd), etc.

It actually infers that the presence of harmonics in a power system means current and voltage waves are distorted. Non-linearities are measured in terms of harmonic levels.

In distribution networks, harmonics flowing indicates that disturbances in the power flow. The quality of electrical power has deteriorated and in turn, affects the efficiency of the system.

Common risks of harmonics are:

  • Increase in electrical power usage
  • Increase in wear & tear on equipment
  • Utility penalties
  • Malfunctioning of microprocessor-based equipment.
  • Overheat the neutral, transformers, motors.
  • Deteriorate power factor correction capacitors.
  • Peculiar operation of breakers and relays.

The presence of harmonics does not mean your electrical systems will crash. Most power distribution systems have a certain “stiffness” level that protects the equipment. But higher harmonic voltage and/or current levels will lead to failure of sensitive equipment.

The source of the harmonics will have very little or no effect at all, but the distortion will be carried through the power system and affect susceptible equipment. So that it’s essential to have trained professionals, to analyze the source of the problem.

Total harmonic distortion is the measure of the degree to which a waveform deviates from sinusoidal values. Our trained professionals analyze the percentages of harmonic distortion, and determine the severity of the condition.

As per IEEE 519-1992 standard the recommended voltage distortion limit is 5%, THD, and 3% for individuals.IEC 61000-3-2 defines the 40th harmonic of the power frequency (2.4 kHz for a 60 Hz system) as the upper limit of harmonics.

Any severity greater than these values indicate the need to find, and rectify the problem.

Why Harmonic Analysis is Done?

Harmonic analysis are done to find, the level and effect of the distortions and evaluate mitigation methods in electrical power systems and determine whether harmonic voltages & currents are within acceptable limits.

IEEE 3002.8-2018 is the recommended practice to conduct harmonic studies and discusses the basic, need for harmonic analysis for industrial and commercial power system applications. Also discusses corrective measures and merits of computer as a tool to conduct harmonic studies.

The latest IEEE 519 is the recommended practice and requirements for controlling harmonics in electrical systems. It recommends harmonic limits of an industrial and commercial system.

Care Labs Harmonic Study Methodology:

Care Labs is an authorized ETAP service provider. We use ETAP software to perform harmonic study & analysis.

A harmonics analyzer is used to conduct the harmonic analysis study of electrical power quality to check the waveforms of current and voltage on respective system frequencies.

Our harmonic analysis study is performed in the following steps:

  • Obtaining the power system single-line diagram and check for the available nonlinear loads, capacitor banks in the industrial facility.
  • Focusing the Point of Common Coupling-PCC, that joins the industrial network elements with the system or with the adjacent system.
  • Highlight the electrical system buses that could have been affected by harmonic distortions.
  • Collecting all non-linear load’s harmonic content data
  • Gathering voltage and current harmonics data from the power the utility company at the PCC, which contains highest and lowest short circuit fault levels and the permitted limits on current and voltage harmonics of the particular country
  • Modelling the electrical network with the help of any of the electrical transient analyzing software tool- ETAP.
  • Performing the harmonic analysis for the electrical system at the different operating scenarios.
  • Verifying the current and voltage harmonic distortion levels at the respective buses and at the PCC.
  • Checking the harmonic frequency spectrum to verify the harmonic distortion is within the permitted levels. If it surpassed the permitted levels, choosing a correct harmonic mitigation solution.
  • Repeat the study & analysis after implementing the mitigation techniques.

Benefits of availing Harmonic Study and Analysis from Care Labs:

  1. Get a single point of contact to answer all your queries throughout the project life cycle
  2. Offers highly skilled electrical engineers to carry out Harmonic study and analysis availed by you.
  3. Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and standards in the US.
  4. Enhance your electrical installation performance by performing Harmonic study and analysis.
  5. Meet employee/staff safety demands and demonstrate dedication to electrical safety
  6. Discover and eliminate problems of your electrical infrastructure
  7. Reduce the risk of expensive litigation should a product cause injury
  8. Improve productivity of your business by reducing downtime due to electricity-related issues
  9. Get a reliable and trustworthy report about your electrical system using industry-recognized eTAP software

Care Labs detailed study and analysis report will assist your technicians to identify any damage or general wear and tear that could affect your safety

Managing the electrical utilities will help to protect equipment and contribute to a greener environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Care Labs offer power system study and analysis service to various industries including plants, retailers, traders, manufacturers, national and state governments, NGOs, and various other buyers & sellers in the global markets. 

We offer our services in New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and all the major states and cities in the United States of America. 

For more information about our harmonic study & analysis or to avail of service, please contact us.

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