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Study and analysis of motor starting can identify the possible voltage drop and acceleration time of the motor, as well as the consequences of starting the motor in the system.

Evaluate the correct start and operation of the load motor with given system inertia, without causing tripping or system instability. Other starting methods are also studied, such as autotransformers, reactors, across the line, capacitors, or starting. If the system voltage drop needs to be considered, Care Labs will propose an appropriate solution.

Why is Motor Starting Analysis Needed?

The motors of modern industrial systems are larger and larger. Starting a large engine, especially a side starter, may cause serious interference with the engine and any load connected to it, as well as tires that are electrically far from the starting point of the engine.

Ideally, before buying a large electric motor, you should research the motor starting.

The starting torque is directly related to the applied voltage.

Therefore, the excessive input current will cause the terminal voltage to drop, and may cause the following conditions:

  1. The engine cannot be started due to low starting torque.
  2. The Undervoltage relay trips unnecessarily.
  3. Stops other running motors connected to the network.
  4. The voltage drop across the power supply causes the lighting system to flicker.

Motor’s operation rely on the interaction of magnetic fields to convert electrical energy into rotational energy. The accumulation of magnetic field and post-EMF or post-EMF during engine start introduces transient conditions in the electrical system.

These transients can affect the power system and other equipment connected to it. Note that the main reasons for the motor start are: the limitation of the transient process; And to make sure that the motor accelerates the mechanical load correctly.

Benefits of Motor Starting Analysis by Care Labs:

Care Labs uses the power system transient analyzing software to calculate the speed, slip, electrical output torque, load current and terminal voltage in discrete time intervals from locked rotor to full load speed.

In addition, the voltage at key points of the system will be monitored during the start-up process. Research can help select the best starting method, the correct engine design, or the required system design to minimize the impact of engine starting on the entire system.

Motor Start Study and Analysis | Motor Acceleration Study

Motor starting analysis helps improve the reliability of the entire building system and industrial complex systems. it determines the best way to start a large motor in the best way so that your large investment can make it run longer.

Motor starting analysis helps to choose the correct motor design, the best starting method, and the appropriate system design to reduce the impact of motor starting. Motor starting analysis

 is important for determining the impact on system voltage during starting and determining whether the engine can start and accelerate satisfactorily.

Steps in Motor Staring Analysis by Care Labs:

Step 1: Motor starting analysis starts from the customer site to collect current and historical information.

Step 2: Next, use this measurement data and manufacturer information to perform a simulation.

Step 3: Based on our computer model, we will be able to predict the performance of the new installation, diagnose the problem, and propose a solution for the existing motor installation.

Step 4: We use static and dynamic methods to create a series of starters and usually rely on dynamic analysis to recreate the start conditions for observation and measurement.

Guidelines and Regulations:

  1. Motor starting meets the requirements of SAENZ Engineering College, February 1982 Committee Report-Motor Starting Current of AC Motors
  2. The motor starting analysis should be carried out according to the latest IEEE, NEC, ANSI, and NFPA standards.
  3. NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, 2020
  4. NFPA70E, “Electrical safety standard in the workplace” 2021.
  5. IEEE Recommended Practices for Designing Reliable Commercial and Industrial Power Systems, page 11. 493-1997.

Motor starting studies are critical for determining the impact on machine voltage during starting and determining whether or not the electric motor can start and come up to speed satisfactorily. Care Labs offers motor start study services performed by experienced professionals to help evaluate the condition of your electric motor better.   

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Book your Motor Starting Study today, or get a quote by contacting us! 

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