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Care Labs is one of the quality electrical safety audit service providers in the country, New Zealand. Our primary purpose in performing the electrical safety audit is to give you and your employee a safe and secure life. As a developing organization, Care Labs always believe in safe work and a safe environment.

Electricians offered from Care Labs are skilled and well-educated. Technicians ensure your electrical installation and equipment operates well, as well as complying with current national standards and regulations. The audit provides by our technicians is specifically for industrial plants and commercial premises.

Need for Electrical Safety Audit:

Identifying electrical safety hazards to prevent, and mitigate the loss of property and life is still a preferable choice by several industries. ESA also provides you guarantee for your electrical installations and appliances that follow the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice guidelines.

The procedure of performing an electrical safety audit (ESA):

Pre-safety audit: For an effective result, planning plays an important role. The pre-safety audit is similar to providing a base to your assigned work (your plan).

Our technician starts with the visual inspection of the whole electrical inspection site and maintains an electrical safety checklist. This checklist helps technicians ensuring your electrical installation and equipment complying with the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice (NZECP).

Collect all the documents/data relevant to the sites and create a one-line diagram of the survey site. Gather information about previous fault records and take an overview of the electrical maintenance system.

Electrical safety audit: In this phase of the audit, our technicians start inspecting the incoming power supply section, following up with inspections of the distribution transformer and connected appliance to the electricals installations.

The technician uses a pre-audit prepared checklist to ensure the all-electrical aspect, such as earthing, loose wire, temporary wiring, electrical shocks, maintenance conditions, fire hazards, etc.

Post-safety audit: In this last phase of the audit, the Care Labs technician issue you a digital ESA report with a detailed overview of taken action during the whole ESA procedure and measured data. After that, our technician recommends mitigation techniques and prevention needed for future use. 

Statics data by WorkSafe New Zealand:

According to the survey 2018, the total victim of electrical accidents from 1993 to 2018 is 296, where 37% of the victims are younger than 17 years, 51% of the victims are adults aged 18 to 65, 7% are of them are elderly 65+ age, and while remaining are 20% are unknown. (Statics of 1993-2018)

Electrical Safety Audit and Enforcement in New Zealand

The above-mentioned data are based on trends analysis of the year 1993 to 2018:

There are a total of 280 accidents that occurred in the duration of 26 years (1993-2018), where the number of fatalities is 48 in which 6 of them are injured too, while 238 are injured including fatality-injured victims. The total number of casualties is 296, where the number of fatalities is 55 of which 6 of them are injured too, while 254 are injured including fatality-injured victims.

Consequences of Improper ESA:

Power line contacts, lack of ground faults protection, discontinuous path, improper use of equipment, and extension cords are the hazards that are the most frequent causes of electrical injuries. Consequences can be a lot much worse if you don’t follow the standard guidelines provided by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Hiring a local electrician for ESA may lead you to serious injury and can cause a very high financial loss. The technician who provides you service must be updated with current national regulations and audit must be performed by professionals.

New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulations:

The Electricity Act 1992 requires all the components and equipment must be of high quality and standards, so their quality and maintenance match up with the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

Comply with national standards and regulations makes your property reliable and safer.

Benefits of Availing Service from Care Labs:

  • Create a safe work environment: Our motive is to improve the overall efficiency of your plant and create an electrically safe work environment.
  • Issue digital report: Once electrical safety audit procedures are complete, our technician provides you digital reports with all the taken actions detail.
  • Speedy response for your queries: Delivering quick responses for your chats and calls makes your works easy.
  • Save additional expenses and improve electrical installation reliability: Hiring a technician from Care Labs to perform an electrical safety audit helps you cut off your future expense, and improve the reliability of electrical installations.
  • Low utility bills: Audit help you to improve efficiency and provides you low utility electric bills.
  • Value your time: Book your appointment slot as per your free time.

Care Labs is one of the quality electrical safety inspection and audit providers in New Zealand. Our technician performs an electrical safety audit to ensure the safety of your whole electrical installation and appliances.

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact us to know more about services Care Labs offered electrical safety audit, inspection, study, and analysis.

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