Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment in New Zealand

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Working near electricity is dangerous. The electrical accidents can often be fatal. No device provides you 100% safety with electrocution, it’s your responsibility to remember to keep safe.

Care Labs offers skilled technicians to perform switchgear risk assessments all across New Zealand. Hiring a technician helps you to ensure the safety of your electrical systems by measuring the risk. Switchgear risk assessment is the quantitative or qualitative assessment estimate of risk in the hazards or well-defined situations.

If you use switchgear, you must need to take risk assessments and ensure them to manage safe operations and minimize the risks which can be occurred further. Having a switchgear risk assessment from Care Labs helps you overcome different problems.

Several commercial and industrial sectors facing issues relevant to protective devices which can cause several injuries, equipment failure or downtime, and sometimes even death. Hiring a technician from Care Labs helps you assess the switchgear risk in the electrical system and suggest you mitigate it.

Having a switchgear risk assessment helps you in estimating the risks which can be occurred in the electrical systems. People face issues relevant to the protective devices which need to be resolved.

Care Labs provide services such as electrical inspection, calibration, certification, study, and analysis. Electricians available for switchgear risk assessment help you to determine the risks which are in your circuit go through, and give you a choice to prevent damage and serious injury.

Following factors, you should look for electrical switchgear risk assessment:

  • Signs of water getting leakage and dampness.
  • Signs you got of unauthorized and access of interference.
  • Condition of firefighting equipment and notices which we get.
  • Signs you get any abnormal condition such as smokes, high temperature, signs of leakage oil or compounds, distortion, etc.
  • General condition problems such as corrosion, leaks, present condition of labels, and fluids level.
  • Condition of equipment such as battery, charger, or panes.

Objectives of Switchgear Risk Assessment:

  • Determine: Determine the risks of hazards in the systems.
  • Eliminate: Eliminate the risks of danger and hazards and helps in acquiring the control measures.
  • Reduce: It’s possible to reduce the hazards level by eliminating the risks and save our electrical systems.
  • Isolation: Hazards need to be minimized/separated from the plants, for safe environments.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: If any hazards occurred then using PPE will limit injury in the failure event.
  • Disciplines: Monitoring the control measures and check whether all the control measured is under control.

Care Labs Risk Assessment Methodology:

Our experience in the field of the electrical safety industry has the knowledge and expertise to rescue projects in different situations.

  • Identify the risks which can be occurred in the worksite.
  • Consider who might be get affected and how.
  • Estimating what are the sources and operation causes the risks.
  • Evaluate the risks from the hazards and verify the effectiveness of existing control measures.
  • Assess the prioritized risk and record the finding.
  • Monitor the assessment result, is under acceptable level or not.
  • Review switchgear risk assessment, if needed.
  • Implement the risk control according to risk level.

Benefits of Care Labs Services:

  • Availing our service helps you ensuring your electrical switchgear devices work properly and risk-free.
  • Give a speedy quote of your chats and calls.
  • Easily availability of technician in your locality.
  • Provides you a safe work environment to work.
  • Ensure the safety of your colleagues, employees, and electrical equipment.
  • Verifying all the equipment operates well and adheres to NZECP standards.
  • At the last issue you a digital report to your feedback of the electrical installations, having a suggestion to mitigate issues.
  • Industry-leading client satisfaction, not the promoted score.
  • Provide you nationally registered technicians.

 AS/NZS 61439 is a series recommended for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. It is a copy of the IEC 61439 series.

Care Labs helps you in delivering a safe work environment all across New Zealand. Hiring a technician through Care Labs helps you ensuring your workplace is risk-free and complying with New Zealand Electrical Codes of Practice (NZECP) standards and regulations.

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact Care Labs to know more about electrical switchgear risk assessment service and get a quote today.

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