Why is harmonic study and analysis important for companies in New Zealand?


Today the whole world is facing power quality issues, but what is the best part is each problem has some solutions. Many problems occurred in the power system, but harmonic is one of the general power quality issues usually found.

The increasing demand for electrical appliances and heavy equipment in commercial and industrial facilities is linked to technological progress, which also means the abundant presence of harmonics further leading to complex breakdowns and causing damages or malfunction. 

Industries and commercial spaces facing major losses in the term of technical and financial. Harmonic study and analysis help you to overcome the harmonic issues and provide you a better result. Several industries prefer third-party services such as harmonic study and analysis.

Harmonic Distortion:

The voltage (v) and currents(I) assume non-sinusoidal shapes. The waveforms correspond to the sum of different magnitude with sin waves and phase, which have frequencies that are multiples of power quality frequency. 

Cause of Harmonic Distortion:

Harmonic distortions produced by nonlinear electronic loads, which usually occurred due to non-linear loads drawing in current in abrupt short circuit pulse. The three common causes of harmonic problems are:

  1. The current flow path is too long, resulting in voltage distortion or communication line distortions.
  2. System magnifies response or more harmonics too, a greater degree can be tolerated.
  3. The source harmonic current found is too good.

These are the few harmonic distortion sources that are discussed below:

Classic source: Arc furnace, welding machines, rectifiers, D.C. brush motors, and electric motor working above the knee of the magnetic curves (magnetic saturation). 

Modern sources: all nonlinear loads like power electronics devices, including SMPS, data processing equipment, and high-efficiency lighting.

If the power system is unchecked the harmonic may lead your equipment and devices to shorten the lifespan of the equipment and cause damage to the power system. The limits set for voltage harmonics are 5% for THD and 3% for a single harmonic.

Harmonic study and analysis help you to detect the components having issues and helps us to mitigate the problems. Hiring Care Labs technicians helps you to perform harmonic study and analysis and ensure your equipment operates well without any disruption.

The basic solutions for controlling harmonics:

  1. Reduce the harmonic distortions which are produced by nonlinear loads.
  2. Modify: Modifying the frequency response is a good choice to work. Modifying can be done by adding filters, inductors, and capacitors to the system.
  3. Add filters: Adding filters with blocking the harmonic from entering the supply or supply the harmonic currents locally.

Solutions Provided by Care Labs:

The harmonic analyzer is the best equipment to perform harmonic study and analysis, and it helps to find out voltage and current waveforms on the corresponding frequency spectrum.

Harmonic analyzer helps in the detailed study of the harmonic problem in the power system.

As similar other power system services, harmonic study and analysis have some steps to follow:

  • Determinations of the model for representation.
  • Having identification of model to the represent include and exclude networks.
  • With various scenarios, perform simulation.

Care Labs Harmonic Study and Analysis Process:

  • Obtains the one-line diagram through completing the site survey.
  • Highlights each equipment having harmonic distortion, like long-distance cables, non-linear loads and capacitors bank, etc.
  • Focus on the place of common coupling (PCC) in the industrial plant.
  • Highlight buses and gather harmonically related data of non-linear loads.
  • Get the data by contacting the utility company and check it out.
  • Perform harmonic study and analysis with the help of ETAP software using various possible ways.
  • Check the harmonic frequency spectrum and resulting the overcomes of the harmonic distortion, does it surpass the permitted level.
  • Re-perform the harmonic study and analysis after completing the mitigating technique to it.

Electrical Safety Standards and regulations:

NZECP 36:1993 Code of Practice for harmonic level.

In the Electricity Act 1992, the secretary of commerce issued the electric code for practicing harmonic level. 

Care Labs Service Benefits:

  • Quick response for your chat and call service.
  • Offered skilled and well-experienced technicians to perform study and analysis services.
  • Provide you technicians having with modern equipment.
  • Performing harmonic service with a checklist makes it easy to maintain the system problems.
  • Issue you a digital report with suggested advice.
  • Book your slot according to your time preference.
  • Easy Cancelation of service.

Care Labs deliver the quality of workplace work and provides the best mitigation technique in all across New Zealand. Having a skilled technician from Care Labs helps you to mitigate technical issues in all possible ways and saves your expenses.

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact us to know more about the harmonic study and analysis service of Care Labs and get a quote today.

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