Step by Step Guide to Perform Arc Flash Analysis in New Zealand


Nowadays, electricity is an essential part of our life. Having electricity is both boon and a curse. We hope everyone is familiar with the pros and cons of electricity.

Still, there are some issues related to electricity which need to be noticed.

Several industries and commercial facilities in New Zealand are evidence of past events which had occurred due to electricity. Hazardous events which occur due to lack of electric maintenance are short circuits, arc flash, arc blasts, power flow, and many more.

Today we are going to discuss arc flash and arc flash analysis. Serious injuries, equipment damage or destruction, fires, burns, and fatalities are some hazardous consequences of arc flash. Having an arc flash study and analysis helps you to mitigate the risks and improve the safety of the electrical system.

Care Labs offers skilled technicians to perform the arc flash analysis service all across New Zealand. As one of the leading electrical service providers, our technician helps you in each aspect of quality work. Offered technicians help you in providing a safe work environment for your employees and equipment, and prevent injury, equipment damage, or destroy fire and deaths. 

Arc flash analysis helps in determining the electrical risk level and assists in applying appropriate safety practices in the worksite to minimize the hazardous risk of burns and injuries and fatalities. Arc flash analysis is very important for industries and their safe environment.

Arc flash is one of the major concerns in the industrial and commercial sectors. A high number of increases in arc flash incidents occurs every year, in these sectors. The study of arc flash needs to be practiced or prescribed as government standards and regulations. 

Purpose of Arc Flash Analysis:

  • The purpose of performing arc flash analysis is to determine whether the property is risk-free from hazardous arc flash or not. Determine the risk of personnel injury as a result of exposure incident energy, which emits the arc flash.
  • Provide reduced incidents energy exposure, if possible, using full protective device setting.
  • Provide recommended arc flash hazards protections and comply with New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice (NZECP) standards.

Who Needs Arc Flash Analysis:

Most commercial, institutional and industrial sectors are prone to arc flash incidents. WorkSafe New Zealand requires that those systems need to be individually analyzed and if, hazards exist labeled to identify safety concerns.

  • To protect electrical workers or nearby workers from injuries to arc flash incidents.
  • To measure the boundary of hazardous arc flash.
  • PPE needs to be used to minimize the risk of injury.

Step by Step Guide to Perform Arc Flash Analysis:

Care Labs offers excellent arc flash study and analysis services all across New Zealand. Our offered technicians perform arc flash analysis and help you in ensuring a risk-free Safe work environment.

  • Start with data and document collections from the survey of the worksite.
  • Create a one-line diagram and highlights the higher-risk equipment.
  • Performs simulation technique using ETAP software to detect the higher risk area in the electrical systems.
  • Performs simulation techniques with each aspect of electrical power systems.
  • Go through short circuit study and protective relay study.
  • Monitor the arc flash assessment data with its prescribed level.
  • Do arc flash study with obtained data from analysis.
  • Verify whether the studied data matched the requirement of New Zealand standards and regulations.
  • Evaluate the arc flash according to its requirements.
  • In the end, issue you a digital report with a suggested prescription.

After completion of arc flash study and analysis, we provide arc flash report in digital format. Having an arc flash report helps your technicians and engineers to understand the problems and evaluate modifications in the systems. 

Benefits of Arc Flash Study and Analysis Services by Care Labs:

  • Design safer power systems while applying NZECP standards.
  • Provide you a safer work environment to work.
  • Get the best result of your power quality problems by using ETAP software.
  • Save time by generating arc flash labels and work permits.
  • Reduce potential fines, productivity loss, and increased insurance.
  • Improve the safety margin by reducing the risks.

Care Labs offers arc flash study and analysis all across New Zealand, hiring a technician from Care Labs to help you in ensuring the safety of your employees and electrical systems.

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact Care Labs to ensure electrical safety-related service and get a quote today.

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