Importance of Electrical Safety Inspection in New Zealand


In our day-to-day life, electricity plays an important role, in our life. The characteristic of electricity is both beautiful and harmful (dangerous). To avoid electrical danger, we need to perform an electrical safety inspection to check electrical installations and appliances connected with the electrical system operates well.

Electrical safety inspection provides a detailed condition review of electrical installation and appliances, it also prevents fire hazards, which causes casual fatalities, injuries, and property damage too.

One of the major concerns for commercial premises and industrial plants is improving electrical safety. Today, more than 40% of building fire accidents are caused by electricity. 

The major cause of electrical fire hazards is old, outdated appliances and faulty installation wire. Never use equipment or appliances which is not suitable for operating condition. 

Electrical safety inspection needs to be done periodically for maintaining a safe work environment. Taking inspection periodically gives you confidence for a safe work environment. The technician needs to ensure your electrical installation and appliances complying with the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice (NZECP).

An electrical inspection is the checking process of electrical installation and equipment with certain parameters, whereas it is also a perfect way to detect electrical fix wire issues.

Case Study of Electrical Safety Inspection: 

One of the major concerns in the electrical installed property is safety and its maintenance.   

Several electrical accidents and casualties occurred due to the faulty electrical fixed wire system. Problems you faced due to improper electrical installation, faulty wiring, and damaged cords are devastating as well as life-threatening.

Nowadays, the perfect electrical system is an essential aspect for factories and commercial properties especially. Detecting electrical issues with open eyes is still hard to notice because several times installed fixed wire is underground or too small to identify.

Performing electrical safety inspections can help you to overcome electrical problems. Electrical safety inspections help technicians to detect faulty appliances and components and gave you an option to diagnose or mitigate the problem.  

Importance of Electrical Safety Inspection (ESI):

  • Electrical safety inspection helps you to create a safe work environment.
  • Save you from major financial loss, in the form of utility bills and future expenses in the form of high maintenance costs (in case of damage and destruction of product).
  • Performing an inspection gives you peace of mind.
  • Helps in detecting electrical issues, which can cause hazards in ahead times.
  • Help in mitigating the risk of hazards by providing accurate data.
  • ESI helps in verifying your electrical fix wire system is up to date with current standards and regulations.
  • It helps in improving the reliability of the electrical installation system
Importance of Electrical Safety Inspection in New Zealand | Care Labs

This infographic is an overview of accidents that occurred during the 26years of the period from 1993 to 2018.

Electrical accidents data of different age groups (data provided by WorkSafe New Zealand).

  • A total number of 296 electrical victims were found in the duration of 26 years (1993-2018) of the period.
  • A total of 19 children of 0 to 4 age group faced electrical accidents between 1993 – 2018.
  • A total of 58 school-age (5-12) children and a total of 34 adolescents (12-17) had faced electrical accidents in the 26 years.
  • Adults 18-65 age groups were faced the most electrical accidents, while elderly 65+ and unknown age groups were 15 and 20 victims, respectively.

In this present era, several industries prefer Care Labs for electrical safety inspection service because of our quality performance and previous record.

As an international electrical inspection service provider organization, Care Labs always believe in a safe work environment. 

Taken steps for performing an electrical safety inspection:

  • Create a checklist according to the survey of the site and reviews it.
  • Issue a permit for inspection purposes.
  • Take underground and rough wire inspection.
  • Go through the usual intermediate inspection phase, where technicians noticed every piece of equipment and installed equipment adheres to the New Zealand Electrical Code (NEC).
  • In the last, technicians perform the final inspections and submit the digital ESI report to the clients.
Benefits with Care Labs Services:
  • Fast response to your speedy queries and calls.
  • Offers highly qualified and experienced electricians to perform an electrical safety inspection.
  • The primary motive is to create a safe work environment that complies with the national standards.
  • Improve productivity by reducing electrical losses.
  • Issue you a detailed report, which helps your technician in many safety parameters.

Electrical Safety Regulations and Acts for New Zealand:

The Electricity Act (1992) recommends that all the electrical equipment and appliance need to adhere to quality standards, and maintain the meet of safety requirements within the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

Care Labs offers skilled electrical engineers to perform electrical safety inspection services and provide you a safe work environment for further operations.

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact Care Labs to know more about electrical safety inspection services and get a quote.

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