Step by Step Guide to Perform Arc Flash Analysis in Mexico


In order to find and calculate incident energy of arc flash properly certain necessary steps required to be done. Here are some key standard reference guidelines:

  • IEEE 1584 – standard guidance to perform arc flash hazard analysis and calculations
  • IEEE 1584.1 guide for the specification of scope and mandatory requirements for an arc flash hazard risk calculation analysis study in compliance with IEEE Std 1584
  • NFPA 70E
  • OSHA
  • RFSHMAT, and
  • NOM-022-STPS safety standards

Care Labs provides several services for electrical projects such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power quality analysis study, power systems study, and analysis.  We offer professional arc flash analysis services for companies across Mexico.

What Should the Hazard Analysis Process be Like? 

We can bring necessary steps into assessment and calculation. Recommended steps will help you to find the amount of incident energy of arc flash hazard, safe working hazard risk boundary and will provide recommendations and suggestions for further improvement.

The initial hazard analysis steps are minimum to find the already existing amount of incident energy level in your electrical installation. It is acceptable but there is a better way, at Care Labs our main objective is to find and improve scenario at your facility installation so that it is best practice to include necessary steps. It means that to adjust model system a little bit to allow for correct solutions.

Overview of All the Steps in Arc Flash Hazard Analysis:

Scope of Study:

Which part of the electrical installation is vulnerable? What is the main goal of the analysis?

Data Collection:

Collecting the field data by site visit, gather all the documentation and create the operating situations

Overall system modelling:

3a. Determining the type of enclosure, its dimensions and typical gap

3b. Determining the electrode configuration

3c. Determining the safe work distance

3d. Model protective system characteristics

Perform short circuit fault current assessment in adherence with IEC 60909, ANSI, IEC 61660 etc.

Perform system selectivity analysis:

Identification exact existing situation, creating a reference model for suggestions and reviews

Equipment withstanding capacity evaluation:

Verifying whether the protective devices withstand ratings are within computed short circuit fault ratings

Performing analysis on arc flash hazard:

Evaluated situation results and recommendations for further improvements in match with the scope of work according to IEEE-1584-2018 standard

Reviewing Results:

Verifying all the identified issues related to overall system protection, withstand rating, selectivity, and arc flash hazard limit

Performing selectivity analysis:

Suggestions to improve the protective system settings, suggestions for device modernizations, upgradation, or exchange.

Reperform Arc flash analysis:

Recommendations for selectivity analysis, potential improvements using available techniques in line with the standards

Final report documentation:

Creating a final report based on all results, observations, solutions, and recommendations

Arc flash training:

On-site safety training at the facility to find needs for knowledge and actions required about safety

Equipment labelling:

Installing the appropriate labels on the equipment generated using computer software during the site visit

Arc flash hazard safety PPE kit selection:

Source solutions with flame and arc flash resistant PPE kit ensuring the clothing meets the project incident energy requirements.

Recommendations/ suggestions, follow up actions:

All related activities should provide control measure suggestions, supporting the engineering design activity based on the system model

Review the assessment each 5 years or every major changes:

Maintaining and keeping the system model up to date. Ensuring all the latest updated standards/ regulations are up to date after any changes or modifications.

Benefits of Availing Arc Flash Analysis Service from Care Labs:  

  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle 
  • Offers highly skilled electrical engineers to carry out electrical safety audit availed by you 
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and standards in Ireland.
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety.
  • Identify and eliminate electrical problems of your infrastructure  
  • Reduce the risk of expensive litigation.
  • Improve productivity of your business, reduce downtime due to electricity-related issues 
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy report about your electrical infrastructure using ETAP software 
  • A study and analysis report will also help to find any components that could cause electric shock or high temperatures that could result in fire.

Contact us today to arrange arc flash study and analysis or to get a quote! 

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