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Care Labs offers a variety of services for electrical projects such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power systems study, and analysis.  We are offering comprehensive Harmonic study & analysis service to all types of electric installations as per the relevant standards- IEEE 519, EN 50160.

Risks of Harmonics:

Power quality measurements are used to contact an assessment of harmonic distortions in the electrical network and the harmonic emission of individual equipment. Harmonic pollution, created for example by frequency converters for speed control, pressure lamps, electronic ballasts, and computers, can cause many problems in practical.  

Harmonic disturbances are one of the common and irritating problems in industries. We need to evaluate the source of harmonics and suppress them for a better-quality supply of power. 

What are Harmonics?

All periodic non-sine wave can be represented as the sum of sinusoidal waveforms whose frequencies are integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, that we call it as harmonics. Harmonic currents are the result of non-linear loads that are connected to the electrical system.  

The presence of harmonic disturbances in electrical network is indicate that the voltage and current are distorted and deviated from pure sinusoidal form.  

These harmonic pollutions translate into costs which are difficult to evaluate. These consequences include, 

Effects of Harmonic Distortion in a System:

  • Nuisance tripping of circuit breaker, fuses blowing   
  • Capacitor bank failure  
  • Skin effects for higher harmonic orders     
  • Motor winding burnt & hunting   
  • Neutral overloading 
  • Causing electromagnetic interference to sensitive signals  
  • Overheating of cables, transformers, motors, generators, inductive elements, and capacitors connected to the same supply network 
  • Efficiency loss in motors and transformers.
  • Electronic displays & lighting may flicker  
  • Metering can give false readings. 
  • Additional efficiency loss to the electrical installation and equipment. 
  • Disturbances in electronic devices, causing logical faults in digital circuits 
  • Unwanted overload or to oversize for transformers, cables 
  • Increased maintenance and replacement cost  
  • Interruptions and downtimes cost   
  • Increased electricity consumption  
  • Enlargement of the installations  
  • Stoppage of the productive process  
  • Reduced system capacity and thus increase capital expenditure by unnecessary expansion.  
  • Accelerated premature aging of equipment and additional energy loss

The problems caused due to the presence of harmonics are well defined. we cannot justify an incident on the system due to their presence. The effects can be shown instantly like switch failure, incorrect operations in static equipment, etc. and in the long term like capacitor battery resonance, transformer overheating, conductors and motors, measurement errors from measurement instruments, thermal losses, etc. 

Harmonic Study and Analysis:

Harmonic analysis is an arithmetical method of predicting potential risks due to harmonic distortion and is formulated by the data obtained from the electric system. Harmonic studies and analysis offer the means to evaluate all probable solutions and their effectiveness under various conditions before implementation.    

Our process of conducting harmonic analysis as follows: 

  • Obtain the whole electrical network one-line diagram and highlight all the connected nonlinear load, capacitor banks in the facility.  
  • Identifying and Focusing the Point of Common Coupling, that joins the industrial network with the facility or the adjacent  
  • Highlight the electrical system buses that are prone to be affected by harmonic distortions. 
  • Collecting all non-linear load’s harmonic related data 
  • Collection of data of voltage and current harmonics at the PCC including highest and lowest short circuit fault levels and the permitted limits of current and voltage harmonics from a utility company
  • Modelling the electrical network with the help of the electrical transient analysing software tools – ETAP. 
  • Perform the harmonic analysis for the electrical network for different operating scenarios. 
  • Verifying the current and voltage harmonic distortion levels at the buses and the PCC. 
  • Checking the harmonic spectrum frequency to check the harmonic content is within the permitted levels. 
  • Providing recommendations and also modelling, sizing of filters to mitigate the harmonic distortions.
  • Perform the harmonic analysis after the addition of the harmonic mitigation technique

Benefits of Availing Harmonic Study and Analysis from Care Labs:

  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle
  • Offers highly skilled electrical professionals to carry out harmonic analysis study availed by you
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and standards in Mexico.
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety
  • Identify and eliminate issues of your electrical installation
  • Reduce the risk of expensive litigation due to damage caused by your electrical installation
  • Improve your business productivity by reducing outages due to electrical issues
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy report about your electrical installation using industry-recognized ETAP software 
  • Care Labs detailed study and analysis report will help your technical persons to find any hazard risks or general wear and tear that could affect your safety
  • Enhance your electrical installation performance by performing Harmonic study and analysis.


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