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Electrical Safety Inspection in USA

Identifying, rectifying, and eliminating electrical hazards to safeguard employees and company property are the primary reasons for getting electrical safety inspections done by companies in
the United States.

Care Labs offers professional electrical safety inspection to companies across the USA. Our electrical safety inspection checklist ensures that your property meets NFPA and OSHA safety standards.

Inspections are done by Care Labs to help you minimize the risk of any hazard by ensuring electrical infrastructure meets both consumer standards and industry and government rules and regulations. This inspection service helps you to protect your company interests, help mitigate your risk and ensure you deliver quality service/products to your customer.

Electrical incidents are the fifth leading killer of employees in an industrial environment. The electrical shock caused 99% fatal and 62% of nonfatal electrical accidents. Comprising about 7% of the U.S. workforce, construction workers sustain 44% of electrical fatalities – so it is an important focus.

Electrical safety inspection is an organizational measure and technical means of preventing harmful effects on personnel from electric shocks, arcs, blasts, fault current, and other electrical hazards. One of the important responsibilities of any management is to ensure their employee’s safety.

Why Companies Should Conduct Periodic Electrical Safety Inspection:

Every company in the US requires to fulfill some basic health and safety standards to ensure safe work environment. Standards must be followed to mitigate the risk of exposure of workers to electrical hazards and shocks to as low as possible. Some of the key objectives of electrical safety inspection are:

  • To find potentially hazardous electrical situations and to provide corrective measures for these circumstances.
  • To validate and provide corrective actions for electrical safety work processes.
  • To validate and provide corrective actions for electrical maintenance tools.
  • To identify potential cost savings and efficiencies by modifications of the electrical system.

Note: Carelabs offers electrical safety inspection service for multiple MNC’s around the globe.

Basic Electrical Inspection Requirement in the USA:

  • Ensure that the electrical systems are up to acceptable norms, you can have a commercial electrical safety inspection done to check for any overloads, damages, or out-of-code wiring.
  • Identifying the wiring and electrical components that may have degraded over time.
  • Finding any overloaded electrical circuits. Finding if any lack of earthing.
  • Identifying any defective wiring or any other faults made by non-certified electricians.
  • Spot oversized fuses or breakers that could cause an electrical fire hazard.
  • Find any potential electric shock risks.

Standards of Electrical Safety Inspection Process in the USA:

OSHA and NFPA have developed regulations and standards that need to be followed to reduce hazardous conditions. Carelabs electrical safety inspection will focus on safe work practices at your site(s) based on the National Electrical Code, OSHA, NFPA 70E, and NFPA 70B.

All electrical engineers provided by Carelabs for your property inspection are highly professional. These engineers are having years of work experience in inspection, testing, installation, certification, study, and analysis of electrical systems. Carelabs engineers will ensure that you get a detailed electrical safety report within turnaround time.

Carelabs Electrical Safety Inspection Service Include:

  • Pre-inspection and Coordination Meeting
  • Pre-inspection Questionnaire
  • Checklist regarding Statutory regulation practices
  • All wires are in good condition without any signs of wear and tear.
  • All circuit breakers, RCDs are operating properly and fuses are appropriately installed.
  • Suitability of all switchgear (MCBs, RCDs, etc).
  • Proper grouping and labeling inside the distribution panel.
  • Earthing/grounding system is proper.
  • Ensuring wiring method is up to date for current use.
  • Proper insulation of the electrical system.
  • Wires or sockets are not being overloaded.
  • Reducing the necessity of extension cords.
  • Discussion with safety and electrical personnel
  • Reviewing records/document
  • Review meeting with management
  • Final Report Submission

A properly designed, planned, and executed electrical safety inspection can limit the chances of many electrical hazards.

Carelabs offer electrical safety inspection services to retailers, manufacturers, plant operators, traders, governments and different other buyers & sellers of services or products in the world’s markets.

We offer services in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, and all the major states in the United States of America.

Contact us today to avail of our electrical safety inspection service at your facility.

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