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Care Labs provides several services for electrical installations such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power quality analysis, power systems study, and analysis. At Care Labs, our team of qualified and experienced professionals carries out comprehensive motor starting analysis study services.

Care Labs is an authorized ETAP service provider. We utilize a powerful software tool-ETAP to identify the best way of starting the motor, and proper power system design for reducing the impact of the motor starting on the electrical network. It allows us to determine the effect of load changes on electric systems. 

Importance of Analysis of Motor Starting Performance:

When electric motors are on and connected into an electrical power system network, the starting motor provides a low impedance path to the power system; thus, a relatively heavy current from the system flows to this particular low impedance path while starting the motor circuit.

This inrush current is about six times the rated current. This causes a sharp dip in supply current and serious problems to adjusting loads resulting in voltage drop in the system.

The starting period of any motor is characterized with heavy starting current flow and the bus network on which the motor is feeding from will experience voltage sag/dip, this causes several problems to loads connected to that particular bus. Various methods are used to either reduce the motor starting in-rush current or the bus voltage sag/dip or both.   

Motor starting analysis study is part of power system study. It is used to evaluate motor acceleration time & its voltage impact on power system and the various methods of reducing the starting current and reducing bus voltage dip.

Motor Starting Study Useful for:

  • Short-circuit method calculations are used for pre-fault short circuit situations, and voltage drop calculations are used for motor starting currents.
  • Obtain the load flow solution, the observed starting impedance of the electric motor is modeled.
  • The dynamic model of the electric motor can be used in a standard transient stability algorithm to calculate the effect of motor starting when a precise dynamic model of the electric motor circuit and load-torque characteristics exists.
  • Transient stability simulations can be used when comprehensive dynamic model information of the electric motor is unavailable.
  • Determine the maximum allowable voltage drop
  • Appropriate mitigation techniques as per the relevant IEEE & IEC standards

The Motor Starting analysis takes into account the inertial effects of the motor, user-defined load curves and supports several starting methods as listed below:

  • Direct on line
  • Capacitor assisted
  • Resistor or inductor
  • Open and closed transition auto-transformer starting
  • Soft start
  • Slip ring resistor insertion
  • Manufacturer supplied curves
  • Open & closed transit of star delta starting
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)

Our Motor Starting Analysis Methodology:

At Care Labs, we utilize ETAP software to study and analyze the starting performance of motors. With the help of computer aided analysis, we can determine the impact of load fluctuations, compute motor acceleration time, and examine the impact of motor starting.

The steps are as follows:

  • Data collection procedures are performed at the client site for current and historical information.
  • We utilize both ETAP power station static and dynamic techniques to create the starting sequence of motors and normally depend on dynamic analysis to recreate observed and measured starting conditions.
  • Then simulations are run using either the manufacturer’s estimated data or measured data.
  • Our simulation models allow us to predict motor performance and provide solutions.
  • Results are then evaluated and offer solutions for motor installations.

Benefits of Availing Motor Starting Analysis Service from Care Labs:

  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle
  • Offers highly skilled electrical professional to carry out motor start analysis service availed by you
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulations/standards in Mexico.
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety
  • Identify and eliminate problems of your electrical installation
  • Reduce the risk of expensive litigation due to damage caused by your electrical installation
  • Improve your business productivity by reducing outages due to electrical issues
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy comprehensive report about your electrical installation using industry-recognized ETAP software
  • Care Labs detailed study and analysis report will help your technical persons to find any hazard risks or general wear and tear that could affect your safety
  • Contact Care Labs today to speak with one of our technicians about motor starting analysis services.

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