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Care Labs provides several services for electrical projects such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power quality analysis study, power systems study, and analysis.  

Care Labs offers professional and comprehensive Arc Flash Study & analysis services for companies across Mexico in compliance with OSHA, NFPA 70E, RFSHMAT, and NOM-022-STPS safety standards. 

What is an Electrical Arc Flash and its Severity?

Temperature of an electrical arc flash might exceed even more than 35,000℉ causing severe life threats. As per the statistics by NFPA 70E, every year, more than 10,000 injuries occur due to arc flash hazards, 3,000 of which are most severe cases and 500 of which result in a death. The big number of casualties caused calls for proper thorough steps towards prevention from the same.  

An Arc Flash refers to short-circuit occurring between two live conductors, leading to a faulty electrical network causing a flash. Establishing Arc Flash Assessment is mandatory for electrical sector industry under stringent guidelines provided by –  

  • OSHA
  • NEC
  • IEEE-1584
  • NFPA 70E
  • RFSHMAT and NOM-022-STPS 

Main Cause of Arc Flash Hazard:

Arc flash hazard occur when the electrical conductors are placed close to each other and current flow occurs through them. Due to this ionization of the air can take place as a result of various factors such as differences in potential which leads to a low resistance path and allows current flow through the air gap in between each conductor. 

 It is also caused due to: 

  • Carelessness or accidents
  • Exposure of water or other liquids to electrical equipment      
  • Improper tools, installation, work techniquesor substandard components  
  • Dropping tools in the facility or accidental contact of the tool with live parts  
  • Dust or other impurities on the conductor surface.  
  • Live sections of electrical network that are exposed.  
  • Wear and tear, corrosion, and moisture. 
  • Electrical contact points deterioration or areas of loose connections   
  • Non-periodic inspection and maintenance   
  • Lack of safety awareness and training

The impact of arc flash accidents is severe like serious injuries, medical costs, burns or even fatal accidents, equipment or generally plant damage and repair cost and also fines by regulatory bodies. 

Arc Flash Study and Analysis:

Arc Flash Study is performed to ensure safety of personnel within electrical operation plants. The assessment report lasts for 5 years, this implies that every electricity plant or electrical industries require to get the analysis in the intervals of 5 years.  

The assessment is completed in 5 phases collecting data from major work fields, equipment and operational precautions/norms adapted by the workers. The data gathered is further analysed, to obtain patterns highlighting any pertaining threats.  

Arc Flash study and analysis is performed by experienced as well as skilled electrical professionals, IEEE 1584, NFPA 70E, short circuit and device coordination. 

Objective for Arc Flash Study and Analysis:

  • Assess the risks associated with incident energy emitted as a result of an arc flash. 
  • Propose alternative preventive methodologies to reduce incident energy exposure. 
  • Determine appropriate protective kits for persons working on electrically energized equipment.
  • Recommend effective safety procedures that adhere to national/international regulations & standards

How to Mitigate Arc Flashes?

Prevention measures observed by electrical workers include wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment kits. Other precautionary measures suggested state Arc Flash Hazard Warning Labels on the equipment. The labels made should be thermal transfer kind high adhesion polyester displaying ‘WARNING/SHOCK/ARC FLASH HAZARD’ in orange or red.  

A number of more regulations are set up under Arc Flash Study and Analysis to minimize arc flash injuries as possible. Initially Arc Flash Analysis focused on severe flash energies, however with the emergence of technical development the scope of assessment has broadened to apply analysis in more electrical power systems.   

Benefits of Availing Service from Care Labs:

  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle 
  • Offers highly skilled electrical engineers to carry out electrical safety audit availed by you 
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and standards in Ireland.
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety.
  • Identify and eliminate electrical problems of your infrastructure  
  • Reduce the risk of expensive litigation.
  • Improve productivity of your business, reduce downtime due to electricity-related issues 
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy report about your electrical infrastructure using ETAP software 
  • A study and analysis report will also help to find any components that could cause electric shock or high temperatures that could result in fire.

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