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Care Labs offers a variety of services for electrical installation such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power quality analysis, power systems study, and analysis. We offer comprehensive power system study & analysis all over Mexico.  

Our comprehensive power system study & analysis offers a focused and systematic approach to solve complex problems that can happen in the electrical power system network. 

Need for a Power Systems Study & Analysis:

An optimally functioning electrical power system is essential for a reliable power supply. All sizes of facilities are depended on a steady, reliable, and good maintained electrical power system for its operation.  

Every load addition, upgrade and configuration update in your electrical network can impose undesirable conditions for which your network was not actually designed.

If there are faults in the protective system, even any minor errors like short circuits, overloads or earthing fault can lead to drastic financial loss as a result of uncontrolled interruptions to the supply in your premise. 

Your company may be able to perform the necessary maintenance activity, but it’s essential and optimal to have an electrical diagnostic analysis study performed by a qualified electrical specialist to instruct on how to specifically maintain your network.  

Our power system analysis discovers where critical point of occurrence in the electrical power system network and provide you the correct decisions to plan expansions of upgrades of your electrical system. This leads to lower operating costs, increased availability and reduced risk of faults. 

Process of Power System Study & Analysis:

We utilize a variety of measuring instruments and specialized power system analysis software-ETAP to extract data and provide specific, effective recommendations to mitigate hazards. Our power system analysis study offering includes: 

  • Load flow analysis 
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Motor starting study
  • Power quality analysis study 
  • Harmonic analysis study
  • Protective device coordination  
  • Dynamic and transient analysis 
  • Arc flash study 
  • Grounding surveys and analysis

and many other designed analysis studies to identify & mitigate potential problems that can occur in a power system.  

Our approach goes beyond determining the cause of the problem to equipment failure and instead aims to recommend an equipment solution to solve it & operating correctly.   

Our electrical power system analysis study includes any or all of the diagnostic or preventative services listed below. The following analysis studies are the very important and essential for you to get your electrical installation properly set up and reliable one. 

Power Flow Analysis /Load Flow Study:

This study is used to determine how the electrical power system will operate in normal and emergency operating conditions, and to check for the application of power factor corrections.  

We utilise the ETAP load flow study software for an extensive power flow analysis and simulation tools. This study will: 

  • Evaluate the system’s capability to adequately supply the connected load, identify & prevent overloaded & under-utilized equipment 
  • Reduce the electricity bill by determining the size and location of capacitors for power factor correction.
  • Aid in future load upgradation, expansion planning and present operations by demonstrating how the power system will perform during the various operation conditions.
  • Determine the proper transformer tap settings
  • Increase the power system’s operating efficiency and determine the most optimum operating configuration.

Short Circuit Study:

All the short circuit interrupting devices have ratings sufficient for the current which must be interrupted. A severe short circuit fault can have catastrophic consequences on the electrical power system. All systems will fault at some point. A short circuit study, will provide the information required to determine if the interrupting capacities of the power system components are sufficient enough to protect your entire electric system. 

  • Evaluate the application of protective equipment before extensive damage can occur
  • Increase system reliability, equipment protection, and working personnel safety
  • Aid in future expansions by providing accurate fault calculations at various location in the system. 

Protective Device Coordination:

This study will show you the potential and possible values of fault currents within the system and show you the impact short circuits and failures would have on your protective systems, and your facility’s operation. 

  • Increase system protection
  • Increase the reliability of facility by limiting the effects of a faults/overloads to areas in the power system.
  • Ensure the coordination of protective system by setting the protective devices to trip in a sequence.

Arc Flash Study :

Arc flash analysis study is used to provide the evaluated arc flash hazard risks of the specific equipment as it is installed and provide proper labelling for the use of worker in determining the PPE- proper personal protective equipment to wear. 

To schedule a power system study & analysis, or for general information about services from Care Labs, contact us today. 

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