Electrical Safety Audit in Mexico

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Care Labs provides several services for electrical projects such as electrical safety inspections, electrical system design simulations, power systems study, and analysis.

Care Labs offers professional inspection, testing, and conformity services of your equipment for companies across Mexico to ensure that your property meets OSHA, NFPA 70E, RFSHMAT and NOM-022-STPS safety standards. 

We are carrying out Electrical safety audits for all types of facilities and businesses such as hotels, schools, hospitals, all types of industrial plants & manufacturing industries, and many more. 

Need for an Electrical Safety Audit: 

The electrical safety audit is a way in which we can find out how we can minimize losses, improve the efficiency of electrical equipment by carrying out various tests & inspections, also we can predict the impact of the hazards & the damage to the system and therefore we can minimize the damage caused due to those hazards. 

This safety audit used to ensure the protection and safety of the workers that work in contact with the electric power and to ensure the protection of electrical equipment that was used.  

Scope of Electrical Safety Audit: 

  • Verifying the statutory compliance with respect to Mexican electricity standards/ regulations 
  • Physical inspection of electrical installation to discover electrical hazard risks like shock, fire explosion, overloading of equipment and to recommend electrical safety solutions 
  • Review of plant lightning protection system (need, adequacy, installation and maintenance) 
  • Review of hazardous risk area classification and selecting the safe electrical equipment in industries, including maintenance aspects  
  • Review of electrical preventive maintenance system (including tests, documentation, history records, etc). 
  • Review of electrical incidents and near misses in the workplace to find root causes of the issue
  • Review of electrical installation & procedures like work permits, lockout tags, interlocks, etc. 
  • Review of the electrical safety policy in the facility, safety committee, continuous electrical hazard risk identification, etc. 

Care Labs Electrical Safety Audit:

At Care Labs, we carry out Electrical installation Safety Audit according to systematic process in order to evaluate potential electrical hazard risks, and recommends control measures to reduce/prevent these hazards (i.e., electrical shocks, electrical arcs, and electrical blasts).  

Our Electrical Safety Audit is a loss prevention program – facility, production losses like electrical fire hazards and loss of valuable Life or injuries to working personnel. 

The official Mexican standard NOM-022-STPS is deals with safety conditions regarding to static electricity in all workplace environments. It is a mandatory rule within the entire Mexican national territory. 

The RFSHMAT -Federal Regulation for Health, Safety, and the Work Environment Regulation give outline for the roles & responsibilities of employers and employees of the facility and serves as the outline for health and safety program, the NOMs are the detailing the requirements.  

Our Electrical Safety Audit Methodology:

Our electrical safety audit methodology classified as  

  • Pre auditing survey,   
  • Auditing  
  • Post auditing survey 

Pre-audit Survey: 

It includes competent team formation, pre-audit questionnaire, audit briefing, collection & review of relevant maintenance documentation, reports information, discussion with safety professional, and then the consolidation to the top management.


  • Our comprehensive facility electrical safety program includes:
  • Review the electrical hazards and identify the risk elements.
  • Check for proper warning signs and labelling on all electrical panels, transformer, protective equipment, and all other electrical machinery.
  • Review the earthing of the components machinery power supply and lightning protection system which is used in company or firm to ensure the safety of human and the equipment that is used.
  • Review the electrical safety measure and protective devices that are used in the company, and ensure their proper working.
  • Review the electrical distribution system of the company and functionality of protection devices.
  • Review the documents like test records of the transformers, circuit breakers, relays, surge arrestors, etc.
  • Review the incoming supply system & reliability and working of auxiliary and backup power systems.
  • Review reported electrical hazards through existing incident reporting and hazard alert notification systems.
  • Review the electrical safety, electrical hazard associated with employees at the company and required precautions
  • Check for proper warning signs and labelling on all electrical panels, transformer, protective equipment, and all other electrical machinery.
  • Review and make sure that there are sufficient fire protection system and ensure their working condition.

Post Auditing Survey: 

This part includes documenting all the findings, management briefing, review meet, observations and recommendations and detailed reports on the results.  

We offer the best comprehensive Electrical safety audit service in Mexico to assess potential electrical hazards. Call us to schedule an electrical safety audit or to get a quotation! 

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