Working Principles of Power Quality Analysis in Mexico

Working Principles of Power Quality Analysis in Mexico

Electrical power supply with a poor power quality is dangerous and uneconomical at both public utility and consumer supply end. So, nowadays consumers & engineers give more focus on the quality of power being delivered to the loads and this concern is ramping up day by day.

Power quality is the ability of an electrical supply system to supply power to the users efficiently and it also defines the capability of any equipment to consume the supplied power. In technical point of view, power quality is the study, measure, and enhancement of supply waveform at the rated voltage and frequency.

Power quality can have a big impact on the performance and cost of a power system. So, it is essential to make sure that the power being consumed by the system is of right quality and the system is compatible to function with the power delivered to it.

These increased awareness on power quality problems, that’s why many standards/ regulations have framed to make sure the power quality according to the satisfied level. Also, the modern electrical loads are more sensitive to any variations in power quality.

Care Labs offers several professional electrical safety testing and inspection services to companies in Mexico. We provide comprehensive power quality analysis service for all types of facilities.

Understanding Power Quality Problems:

The following main contributors to poor Power Quality can be defined:

  • Reactive power, as it loads up the supply system unnecessary,
  • Harmonic pollution, as it causes extra stress on the networks and makes installations run less
  • efficiently,
  • Load imbalance, especially in office building applications, as the unbalanced loads may result in
  • excessive voltage imbalance causing stress on other loads connected to the same network, and
  • leading to an increase of neutral current and neutral to earth voltage build-up,
  • Fast voltage variations leading to flicker.

All these phenomena potentially lead to inefficient running of installations, system down time and reduced equipment life and consequently high installation running costs. If due to poor Power Quality the production is stopped, major costs are incurred.

In addition to financial loss due to production stops, another factor of the cost of poor Power Quality can be identified by analyzing the extra kWh losses that exist due to the presence of harmonic pollution in typical network components such as transformers, cables and motors. As this loss has to be supplied by the utility power plants, a financial loss and CO2 emissions can be assigned to it.

Power quality analysis include number of analyses, some of which are:  

  • Harmonic analysis
  • Surges and transient analysis
  • Voltage dips and swell analysis
  • Reactive power analysis
  • Load flow analysis
  • Analysis of captive power

Approach and Methodology of Power Quality Analysis:

  • The aim of the analysis is clearly defined
  • The process starts with the evaluation of the correct single line diagram of the system
  • The analyzer is connected carefully at the specific site in the distribution system that can regulate the incident energy level to the tolerable range
  • Drill down to the distribution system following the one-line diagram
  • Data is obtained from the source for each system
  • Digital cameras can be used for studying data and conducting further analysis
  • The magnitude of harmonic frequencies and the amount of total harmonic distortion are calculated for identifying the severity and control measures for harmonic problem
  • Transients occur as a result of lightning strikes as well as switching of loads
  • Voltage readings for each drop or rise are calculated to find out the deviations in plant conditions operations
  • Unbalance due to single-phase loads are monitored at panelboards and switchboards

Benefits of Availing Power Quality Analysis Service from Care Labs:

  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle
  • Offers highly skilled electrical engineers to carry out power quality analysis availed by you
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and standards in Mexico.
  • Enhance your electrical installation performance by performing power quality study and analysis.
  • Improve productivity of your business by reducing downtime due to electricity-related issues.
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy report about your electrical system using industry-recognized ETAP software
  • A study and analysis report will also help to find components that could cause electric shock or high temperatures that could result in fire.

Care Labs provides power quality services to identify power quality issues and with a commitment to mitigate them.

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