Prioritizing a Safe Work Environment at a Multinational Technology Company



An UAE-based multinational technology company that focuses on information technology, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence needed help in the maintenance of its worker safety commitment. With numerous distribution facilities around the world, this company partnered with Care Labs to make sure operations at their 615,000 square-foot distribution facility in UAE were being performed safely and perfectly. Care Labs helped in meeting the objectives of the company by delivering low voltage preventative maintenance (LVPM) and planning and fixing an Arc Flash relay system, ensuring efficient, safe, and sound operations for the company’s distribution facility.


The technology agglomerate has always been committed to the safety of its employees. During opening discussions with Care Labs, they preferred to create a safe working environment for their 1,000+ employees at their new distribution facility. They required help in developing long-lasting, dependable operations and were focusing on preventative maintenance to mitigate safety risks and sudden downtime in which each hour lost sums up to $100k.


Care Labs executed the following services on 4,000A during a 12-hour shutdown window:

  • LVPM, which included:
  • Cleaning, torquing, and tightening bus and lug connections
  • Secondary injection test on circuit breakers
  • Inspecting all devices and connections
  • Installing Infrared windows with 10 Fluke windows per lineup.
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing, and testing Arc Flash relay system.
  • Updating Arc Flash data for the main switchboard near to relay installation.
  • Reporting the results and making additional recommendations.

While Care Labs were on spot performing LVPM and an Arc Flash inspection, there were problems with re-closing the 4,000A pressure post-testing, which resulted in replacing and testing the new 4,000A switch. Care Labs were able to provide the group of experts required to make the explanatory repairs, bring back power, and recommence operations safely at the facility.


Care Labs carry on with providing LVPM and Arc Flash inspections. Therefore, the company has seen 100- 200cal rated sections of a switchboard lowered to 3-8cal so that facility managers can operate devices in the main switchboard to carry out preventative maintenance work in their windows. Earlier, they had to perform a facility shut down for the entire space to carry out their work. With Care Labs’s Arc Flash proficiency and local knowledge, the company was able to create a solution in tandem offering a strong tool for long-lasting, reliable operations which can provide incredible results.