How to do Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment in New Zealand?


Electrical equipment plays the role of the most vital tool in our daily life. Electrical equipment is the medium that is powered by electricity.  

Several industries and commercial complex owners facing electrical issues due to faulty circuits and improper installations. Faulty electrical switchgear and improper installation is still the major cause of people facing the increasing number of incidents such as fatalities, accidents and burn injury.   

Care Labs offer skilled technicians to ensure the safety of your employees and equipment by performing an electrical switchgear risk assessment. Offered technician ensures all your switchgear system operates well without any disruption.  

Performing electrical switchgear risk assessment helps the technician to understand the problems which can create hazardous risks. Even with the help of a checklist, our technician assures that all your equipment is complying with New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice (NZCEP) standards and regulations.  

What is Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment?  

Commercial Facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes, theatres, and many more, facing similar faulty electric issues relevant to the electrical installations and equipment. Faulty equipment and improper training can also increase the risk of fire and arc flash hazards.  

To avoid danger and choose safety, we need to detect issues before they can create a hazardous problem, such as harm to the electrical installation or can be the cause of devastating accidents. Having electrical equipment risk assessments from a certified electrician assist you in identifying the risk which can be life-threatening.  

Why is Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment Necessary?  

Having electrical equipment risk assessment according to NZECP guidelines not only help you in electrical safety but also prevent from the lawsuit, heavy fines, and heavy financial losses.   

Risk assessment also helps you to identify risk and giving you an option to mitigate before it will create problems.  

Commercial property more customer inflow or industries such as high volt transmission or distribution are always at high risks. An individual of each property and facility needs to be active in assessing each risk sign.  

Intelligent business and property owners always prefer safety rather than financial loss or accidents.  

New Zealand Electrical Standards and Regulations:  

AS/NZS 3820 Standards recommends, “Each electrical equipment needs to pass the electrical safety requirements.”  

The Electricity Act (1992) regulations recommend that every product must be of standard quality, so it can pass the safety requirement of construction and quality.  

To ensure safe operation and minimize the risk of injury, the electrical switchgear risk analysis plays a major role. The technician offered by Care Labs helps you to ensure a safe and reliable operation by performing an electrical switchgear risk assessment. This inspection also helps your technician to understand the electrical system flows and drawbacks.  

Signs which you need to look for:  

  • Signs of leakage of water near the electrical equipment or installations.  
  • Symptoms such as interference or unauthorized access.  
  • Fire-fighting equipment condition.  
  • Housekeeping or general renovation in building or workplace.  
  • Addition of extra load in the electrical system.  
  • Getting signs of an abnormal condition such as leakage, smell, smoke, leakage of oil, and high temperature.  
  • Notifying something suspicious or general issues such as leakage, corrosion, and presence of labels, etc. 

Care Labs Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment Process:  

  • Determine the operating range.    
  • Identify the electrical hazards associated with the respective work and the electrical system.    
  • Notify the possible failures that lead to electrical hazards and the potential harmful damage. 
  • Analyzing the severity of the potential injuries due to the electrical hazards.   
  • Identify the hazards present.    
  • Verify assess the chances of risks.    
  • Determine appropriate control measures and perform risk assessment again to ensure the control measures will reduce the risk to an acceptable level.    
  • Identify the graph of the control measure that has been introduced to ensure the risk remains at an acceptable level.    
  • Implement risk controls and in the end, suggest some advice for further safe and reliable operation.  

Care Labs provides an electrical switchgear risk assessment service that assure your risk-free workplace. Technicians offered through Care Labs are well carried with their equipment and assist you in mitigating risks in each possible way.  

Care Labs offers its services across New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Otago. Contact Care Labs to get know more about electrical equipment risk assessment services and get a quote today.  

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