How to do Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment in Mexico


Every business may suffer losses due to unexpected hazard events that can put it at vulnerable to risk. But most importantly these events can be prevented before it occurs. Effective risk assessment & control having a good risk prevention and control mitigation program will assist to reduce operating costs when eliminating hazard risks, exposure and any losses associated with the event.

Its objective is to identify, assess and evaluate all possible risks that could affect the well-being state of people and assets within the establishment. This is done to generating reports and effective suggestions in order to ensure continuity of operation, detect the unsafe condition, as well as determining the inherent risks.

Electrical risk assessment is the foundation of any electrical safety program. An effective electrical safety program requires a clear understanding of all possible hazard risks within the premise. A risk assessment is a systematic approach to evaluating, and assessing these risks.

Risk assessments follow three step sequences:

  • Identify any hazard risks
  • Analyze these risks associated with the potential hazards
  • Implement control measures to limit these risks

Assessing the Risks:

It is the process of detecting potential sources of harmful risk in a workplace. Identifying and analyzing the workplace hazard risks is crucial to implement control measures that will help ensure the safety of people and facility. It helps in evaluating risks and taking necessary action to remove or reduce risks.

When assessing the probability of a harmful risks, it is tempting to assume that people in your facility are well-informed about risk handling and are utilizing the electrical switchgear correctly. This will lead to inconsistent and incorrect optimistic assessment results, in turn result in a false sense of security.

Objective of Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment:

Main reasons assessing and managing the electrical switchgear risks, are described as below

Harm to the human:

The strongest reason for electrical risk assessment is to prevent any harm to people working on it. Many electrical switchgear activities are inherently dangerous. However, no one expects to risk their life, physical health as a consequence of working on it.

These are all employer’s moral duty to take appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of their workers and property. Risk assessment on these are the best means of which this can be effectively controlled.

Legal requirements:

Employers have legal obligations in terms of health & safety point of view which, if they don not fulfill. It may give rise to severe penalties, fines or imprisonment. Timely conducted risk assessment provide evidence that necessary steps need to be taken.

Economic effects:

Employers must minimize the substantial financial costs of workplace accidents. It includes not only direct damage costs to switchgear, and compensation to the injured people, but also a range of indirect costs like loss of production, loss of orders, insurance premiums, etc.

Process of Electrical Switchgear Risk Assessment:

  • Obtaining information about the design, type, and rating of the switchgear.
  • Inspecting the ambient conditions, work procedures, and switchgear conditions
  • Checking the history of electrical hazards on site
  • Examination of recent electrical hazards
  • Based on the probability of occurrence and severity of hazard a risk estimation report is generated.
  • Determining threshold or tolerable risk conditions
  • Employing risk reduction methodologies

Benefits of Availing Electrical Switchgear Assessment from Care Labs:  

  • Enhance the electrical and mechanical performance of your switchgear by performing a switchgear assessment.
  • Find and eliminate issues of your electrical installation
  • Get a single point of contact for all your queries throughout the project life cycle
  • Offers highly skilled electrical engineers to carry out switchgear risk assessment availed by you
  • Achieve compliance with relevant regulation and standards in Mexico
  • Meet employee/staff safety demands and dedication to electrical safety
  • Improve productivity of your business due to electrical safety related issues
  • Get a reliable and trustworthy comprehensive report about your electrical installation using industry-recognized ETAP software
  • Care Labs detailed study and analysis report will assist your professionals to find any risks or general wear and tear that could affect your safety
  • The analysis report will also help to find any components that could cause electric shock or high temperatures that could result in fire  

To ease your switchgear risk assessment, book your inspection or get a quote today!

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